The Most Powerful Skill We Never Learn

And it’s the ultimate power for success in life

How do you quantify success?

Perhaps you want to get to the top of your profession or career, be a great leader, the best Mother, Father, Husband or Wife you can be, or simply be one of those people that others like and respect?

Whatever your ambition in life, there is one skill that runs paramount to its success — the skill to communicate!

Think about it. We are surrounded by people, pretty much all the time. We interact with them at home, at work and at play, whatever we are doing, even when we are on our own! Indeed, the one person we interact with the most is ourselves, and we all know how difficult that can be sometimes!

The influence of communication on our lives can’t be denied. It dominates our home and family relationships, our social interactions, and our business and career successes.

It is undoubtably the most wonderful, valuable, life-shaping skill we can learn!


A fundamental life skill.

Yet how do we learn this valuable skill? I’ll let you into a secret, we don’t!

OK, maybe that’s a little disingenuous. When I say we don’t learn it, I mean we don’t learn it formally, structurally, with purpose. Instead, we absorb it, experientially.

Communication is one of those fundamental life skills that we ‘pick up’ during our first few years of life. We are not ‘taught’ communication, rather, we watch and hear how it’s done. OK, we will be corrected when we pronounce badly, or use a wrong word, and later, we may study grammar in some detail, but very few of us get to study actual, in depth communication.

So, here’s the point. Many of us accept communication simply as we absorbed it in those early years, a background, routine set of actions and reactions. Something we ‘just do’!


If that sounds a bit far-fetched, think for a minute just how many costly mistakes we regularly make:

How often do we:

  • Argue with our life partners?
  • Fight with our kids?
  • Find it difficult to speak out?
  • Have our ideas ignored or shouted down?
  • Feel uncomfortable in gatherings?
  • Feel inadequate and challenged?
  • Fail to act on ideas or give up on new projects?
  • Win an argument, only to lose the war?



All symptoms of poor, basic communication skills, symptoms we would prefer to avoid, but simply don’t have the knowledge to do so!

So, can you think of a part of your life that doesn’t include communication, difficult isn’t it?

I mean, even asleep, we are communicating with ourselves!

The more we think about it, the more we realise just how much it impacts our lives, and yet most of us use just a fraction of the available skills and make constant, and costly mistakes!


So what’s the answer?

Determine now to expand your awareness of the true powers of communication. To move beyond basic, ordinary levels of communication skills and reach out for ‘High Performance Communication’!


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