The Most Powerful Way to Win Arguments

 Of course, you’re correct, so you stand your ground!

You argue black is white and pink is green. You push back and don’t accept any contradiction, why should you, you cannot be wrong.

The other person is being unreasonable. They’re just not listening, how can they believe they are also correct.

It gets heated, noisy and loud. Neither side is listening. One starts to browbeat. One gives in, the argument ends.

What has been achieved?

Is the ‘victor’ stronger for the win, the loser weaker for the loss?

Has the ‘victor’ proved their argument, the loser accepted defeat?

Is the loser grateful for the proof, the victor proud to be correct?

Has either benefitted? Has either gained more respect for the other?

Has someone lost the opportunity to make a friend, gain respect or make someone feel good about themselves?

Was the argument really won? Has it changed the course of either one’s life?

Is there any point in blindly winning an argument at any cost? Of course not, because, without doubt there are bound to be consequences?

So, what’s the answer?

The other person is entitled to their point of view, they may actually know something we don’t? Listen, ask questions, understand, stand down, relax.

Does it really matter that much, being right?

Remember, once spoken, words cannot be unspoken, so always weigh the consequences against the cost of winning.

The only way to win an argument is to not have it!


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