How many people will you influence today?

The crucial element of business planning most often ignored and forgotten! 

Most owners and operators rightly focus on the four fundamental pillars of business; Marketing Sales, Fulfilment and Finance in their business plans. Amazingly though, most forget to include the most powerfully instrumental common denominator – people!

Powerfully instrumental, really?

Think about it for a minute? People figure in every area of a business, as staff and employees, customers and clients, suppliers and contractors. Their individual actions and attitudes, about us and our operation, are massively instrumental in our ultimate success!

They can be purposely obtuse and obstructive or just uncommitted and unbothered, the result's the same, underperformance and damaged potential! 

Alternatively, they can be fully engaged with our ideologies, our aims and goals and our love for the business, which results in peak performance, full commitment and powerful team performance.

In other words - they are involved with our success! 

However, the latter does not happen by default, it is the result of a determined and systematic strategy, a controlling element of our business plan.

The foundation of that strategy is communication - specifically, the expertise of every person in the business to communicate effectively with everyone they become involved with in the course of their daily activities, both inside and outside the company. 

The impact of such strategies will resonate massively throughout the business:

Happier staff and high level team co-operationLess disruption. Less time dealing with customer complaints. Significantly Increased value and volume of sales. High brand reputation, even lower marketing costs!

Don’t leave the most powerful element of your business strategies to chance. Discover the people strategies you need today to create a highly effective, dedicated team and exceedingly satisfied, loyal customers.


Nobody does anything really well, unless they really want to. Look after the people and they will look after the business

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Will is an International Sales and Business Strategist and Leadership coach.

He has influenced thousands of individuals in hundreds of businesses in a career spanning over 40 years and more than 50 cities and countries throughout Asia, Africa, USA, and Europe. As an Advisor, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Coach, Will is totally committed to helping people achieve work, business and personal success through the power of High Performance communication. With this aim, he has developed simple but remarkably powerful strategies and techniques that create growth and consistency, ensuring powerful long term business and individual results.

He is the author of, ‘Real Sales Values’, available as an online program and in-company workshops.

Will is originally from the UK and now lives in the Algarve in southern Portugal.

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“Our future success will mainly be thanks to you!”

I am just out of an intensive 4 days consultancy session with Will, and I must say I am still in awe of what he has been able to teach my partners and I in such a short span of time. He came to our business, and right away knew exactly what needed improving. He managed to explain it to us in such a simple way, with real life examples and nice metaphors. He answered all our real life business questions, gave us processes to overcome them and helped guide us with personal development techniques. Finally, he designed with us an action plan, with step-by-step directions. We will never thank you enough Will for helping us grow our business. Our future success will mainly be thanks to you.

Salwa Lhachimi
Directrice Associee, BOXCOM

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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Benjamin Franklin


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