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Will is a Sales Professional with four decades of international experience.

His training and coaching programs have been seen by 1000’s worldwide and he has personally coached business improvement strategies in corporations and businesses in more than 50 cities and countries across the globe.

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“There’s more to selling than simply making sales – it’s about creating a great client experience and developing trust and respect.

It’s about producing a win-win result!” 

~Will Offen


I’m Will

I don’t know about you, but when I read an ‘about page’, I often find it difficult to get the point. Sure, it’s about the writer or the company etc. but what I’m looking for so often gets lost amongst a load of promotional rhetoric and I find myself thinking “so what”.

So, what am I looking for on an about page, is it the same as you?

Given that my aim with this site is to encourage you to become my future client, in one form or another (coaching, on-line training, workshops, corporate programs) I believe you want to see if I have knowledge that can help improve your life in some way – and that you can understand the methods by which I deliver that knowledge and maybe even enjoy the experience – and I have to gain your trust?

However, I think we can agree on one thing right now – I can’t do all that in one page visit, let’s face it, I probably can’t do all that in one entire web site! So, let’s make a pact, you will only buy my products or services when you are happy to do so, and I won’t expect you to buy any of my products or services until you are happy to do so – OK?

Good. So, here’s a quick story to get us going – hopefully, it’ll give you some insight into me and why I do what I do!

“Go forth and multiply”

Some 30 years ago, it was those words (well, a variation of those words) that led to the opportunity to become aware of some amazing skills and start me on the process of learning and perfecting them, something I still do to this day.

(The “go forth,” by the way, meant go to America and the “multiply” meant to establish and build a business.)

At the time I was the Sales Director of a national UK business. Working in America, I was introduced to what was, when compared to the UK at that time, a very advanced self-improvement industry – and I quickly became excited by the prospects of learning new skills.

The first and most important lesson I learned was to be open to new information at all times. Not only to improve knowledge when it is offered – but to pro-actively seek new knowledge, to actively create a habit of constant and never-ending improvement.

I believe it is this habit that has led me to consistently find bigger and better opportunities and achievements throughout my life since then. 

Quite early on, I found a book that at first looked interesting, then thought provoking and then one I began to use as a source of inspiration and a permanent reminder of the subject, keeping uppermost in my mind.

This book provided the second lesson. Human interaction is a skill. A skill that can be studied, improved and perfected just like any other – and it’s amazingly powerful!

You see, until reading the book I was like most people I had met (and still meet). I thought that the way in which we interacted with people was a ‘fait accompli’, something you had as an integral part of your character, a sub-conscious part of your genetic make-up, not in fact a life skill that could be honed and developed – a life skill that improves opportunity beyond belief. 

The book?

“How to win friends and influence people”,
by Dale Carnegie.

My profession is sales, has been for 4 decades. Ironically, I have never been comfortable with the traditional sales techniques, the manipulative presentations, over promising and heavy closing etc. (Amazingly, there is still an enormous number of sales dinosaurs walking the earth still today that believe this is how to sell!) Instead, I chose what was considered by most to be ‘weak’, actually listening to clients and helping them find the correct solution.

Funny thing though, even in those early days, without knowing exactly why, I was consistently in the top performers?

What I learned in America showed me why, as I realized that my selling style was based on connecting with clients, actually enjoying the process of interaction and allowing the sale to develop, of course with the right guidance from me in the process. What started with the Carnegie book led onto a focus on what I came to understand to be the single, most powerful key to sales success, the skills to interact effectively with the prospect and understand – I mean really, truly understand what they want and need. 

Perfecting these skills is the only way to achieve ‘perfect’ sales. Perfect for the client – perfect for the salesperson and perfect for the company he or she represents. In its perfect form, a sales process leads to more sales, more income, more referrals, more satisfied clients and customers, more repeat business and more profits.

I have concentrated on teaching this skill to every salesperson I have had the opportunity to do so since then. With this skill, I have seen non-salespeople turn into good salespeople, good salespeople turn into excellent salespeople and so-called, written-off failures become top producers. 

And it doesn’t end with sales! Our success – any kind of success, is dependent upon the way that we interact with the people that we come into contact with. Social, domestic, business. Parent, friend, leader – every situation we become involved with will greatly benefit from enhanced interaction skills, which is why I believe these are the most powerful skills open to us, skills that should be studied, practised and perfected and skills that will return any investment of time and money many, many times over.

So, there you have it. Probably one of the longest ‘about me’ pages you have seen on a website. I hope though that it gives some insight into what I can offer and what I can help you achieve.

Please feel free to continue exploring my sites and reading my information – I hope you will find benefit and I sincerely hope also that I will have the opportunity to work with you in the future. 

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Effective Leaders are essential for the success of any business. Effective leaders are inspirational communicators, able to engage and encourage their people to best performance, as individuals and for their team. We can buy people’s time, but we have to work very hard to win their hearts and minds!

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Sales Value cannot be measured in short-term revenue alone, there’s other, far more valuable and business critical considerations. The sales process starts the customer experience and can create loyal and satisfied customers that are a powerful force in the success of the business - or help its demise!
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People are the heart of every business – their interactions with each other will determine how strong that heart beats and how successful the business will be. For maximum success, a business needs a happy and united team that understands and connects with the dreams, ambitions and targets of the business.
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