Clients Testimonials

Imane Adnane 

Directrice développement et relations publiques BOX COM 

Our sales staff had intensive and short training with William, it's was the most powerful learning we ever had. He found very quickly our strengths and weaknesses, we work on building a strong short and long term action plan to improve our business income. He motivates us and gave us tips on sales, management, and communication.  

Issac Thomas 

Real estate advisory | Startups | Speaker | Business Strategist  

Got the opportunity to work with Will at the Frankfurt deVere office. I am glad I got trained by him. Leader, motivator and an amazing mentor. Been a real privilege. 

Hasnaa Adnane 

Directrice artistique 

It was a pleasure to meet you last week and I really enjoyed hearing about the solutions for our company. Your experience in sales and marketing puts you in a position to teach us the best technique to improve the process. I wanted to thank you for the time you gave us, we loved the work atmosphere and we are excited to start working with your advice. 


Salwa Lhachimi 

Directrice Associée chez BOXCOM 

I am just out of an intensive 4 days consultancy session with Will, and I must say I am still in awe of what he has been able to teach my partners and me in such a short period. He came to our business, and right away knew exactly what needed improving. He managed to explain it to us in such a simple way, with real-life examples and nice metaphors. He answered all our real-life business questions, gave us processes to overcome them and helped guide us with personal development techniques. Finally, he designed with us an action plan, with step-by-step directions. We will never thank you enough Will for helping us grow our business. Our future success will mainly be thanks to you.  


Salwa Lhachimi 

Directrice Associée chez BOXCOM 


I have had the great privilege of being Will's mentee for 3 months, and it was truly a business and life-changing experience. When we first started working together, I was completely lost regarding my fresh setup business endeavour. With a lot of patience, Will helped me get a higher perspective on things and provided me with great tools from his "Clients for Life" program to help me get clients and keep engaging them. I can never thank him enough for all he's selflessly done for me. 


Franco Visser 

Business Manager at HSBC 

Will is simply great at making you aware of the many different ways of becoming an improved communicator. His favorite word "awareness" seems simple. Apply it together with the many other skills on communication you will learn from him, and I have found it is incredibly powerful. He has made a remarkable contribution to our office through his motivation, experience, knowledge, and most importantly, his ability to give us the self-confidence required to excel in our careers.


Michael Lyon 

Edtech Consultant & Regional Manager 

Will has collated a lot of information around the area of Communication and its importance. I have learnt a lot in regards to this subject. I never knew how Communication plays such a vital role in our day to day work and personal lives. Thank you for opening my eyes. I look forward to my own personal development and doing my own research in this area. 


Danny Mansour 

M&A Business Developer Modaxo 

Will is a great personality who has taken the grasp of the most important tool anyone can have - communication. He reinforced in my mind, many key principles which I have viewed as being critical. He has made absolutely clear what I have to do as a person in order to be successful, not only with clients but also as a person. I am thankful to Will for every hour he invested in me.   

Stuart Hill CIMA 

Financial Consultant at Self Employed 

It has been a great pleasure to receive the benefit of Will's knowledge and experience whilst he is in Frankfurt. Will is a very effective coach and communicator and gets his message across in a clear and concise manner, as well as reinforcing the key concept that the more effort you put in the more you get out. I have found many of the techniques and tools that Will showed us to be of huge benefit to me and am already seeing a significant positive impact in my performance. I would advise anyone to take up the first opportunity available to benefit from Will's coaching and development.   

Santiago Mera 

Sales Distribution Manager👔 Southern Europe  

If you ever felt lost in your career goals and looking to give your career another shot, Will is the man to talk to. When I met him for the first time, he knew immediately that my lack of confidence and proper structure was my issue in getting this job properly. His aptitude in knowing how to motivate you to become self-confident is just brilliant. Will is truly dedicated to helping others when they need it most. The industry of today is not getting any easier and Will helps others to see that a setback only sets you up for a great comeback! He motivates his team to maximize their full potential. I strongly advise anyone who is looking for a career coach / professional in communication to look no further than Will Offen.  


Christopher Mosley 


During my time working for Will, I found he took a strong and genuine interest in each and every individual in the office and strove to find the potential within all of us in order to tackle our personal development. This very approach has helped me work with more confidence in a highly efficient and motivated manner. These are skills I will likely carry for my entire professional career. This very approach radically improved team productivity and was the catalyst needed for fantastic office culture. Truly charismatic, detail orientated, extremely knowledgeable and a great leader that I hope to work for again in the future.  


Shaun Johnson 

Associate Wealth Manager  

I would like to say in the time I have worked for William, I have grown as a person and have realised the importance of the client-advisor relationship. Also, his knowledge and professionalism are very infectious. I feel I am very lucky to have had his training at this stage of my career, and I will be a lot more successful because of his training and advice.  


Alex Burduja 

Franchise Development Manager  

I had the pleasure to work in William's team and I must say he is one of those personalities who you can always learn from. His amazing managerial capabilities and communication skills make him a great teacher and mentor of life. He always gives solid advice and guidance to anyone and his positive attitude inspires the whole team to become top-class professionals.    

John Iveson 

Senior Wealth Consultant  

Will Offen uses his great knowledge and business experience to help other people achieve their long term goals,through training and advice. His no nonsense approach emphasises the eventual outcome is down to the individuals he is addressing and that he can give you the tools but you have to do the work yourself. I am happy to recommend Will and know he will be an asset to any business. 



Angela Anyormisi 

It's a great pleasure to experience such rich knowledge impacted by William Offen for just three weeks of working with him. So much positivity that is definitely Life-Changing for me and everyone who comes into contact with him. Thank you very much William for this experience. I highly recommend him! 


Juliet Kapena 

Senior Financial Advisor at IIMG ltd 

Thank you so much for taking time out to share your wealth or Experience, knowledge and skills with us here in Accra, Ghana. It was an absolute pleasure to have been tutored by you. My sales and communication skills have greatly improved. You were highly responsive and detail oriented. You have been an invaluable asset in our efforts/improvements here at our offices in Ghana and I will confidently recommend your services to anyone or organization in need of training and development in these areas.  



Winifred Gyan 

Wealth Planner (Central, East & West Africa) 

William's input into my business growth was exceptional. Real value, not just on the monetary side but on creating opportunities for my business was second to none. I worked with William for few days and I find him the consummate professional with a wealth of experience and knowledge in his field. He is a well-rounded and exceptional leader with the zeal for out-of-the-box creativity. I am very appreciative for my connection with him as my professional mentor. William is a great person to work with, and if I am to do it again, I'll certainly be working with him.  



Richard Kelsall 

Co-Founder/Director at Puzzle REC Limited 

Will Offen is to this day one of the most influential Business owners I have worked for. Having walked through the front door of his Business over 10 years ago Will took a chance on me and helped me channel my natural sales ability into being a professional consultant. Will was always on hand to share his experience and gave all of his employees every chance to be successful. I will always remember the massive part Will played in me being where I am today and would have no hesitation whatsoever in working for or alongside Will once again if given the opportunity. 


Thomas P J Cook 

Co-Owner at The Private Practice Enterprise Club 

William is an extremely dedicated and experienced professional, maintaining up to date knowledge of the financial market. His expertise and constant self-improvement directly benefited me and other colleagues through client-centric training and education. Through restructuring and implementing formal procedures in our office, William has overseen a dramatic incline in productivity, service, morale and reputation here in Moscow. His support has been integral to my development and success within the company.  



Milan Radaković 

CEO at VITA Media Group 

William is in my opinion one of the best professionals with who I worked. Many years of experience, perfect understanding of clients and people psychologies and excellent communication skills make him excellent leader and teacher, who is willing and able to share his knowledge and expertise. Working with him I made huge progress in my communications skills and improved efficiency of my business. Always open for discussing new ideas and to help with anything no matter whether it is working day or weekend. 



 Svetoslav Dobrev 

WM at deVere Group 

William is an expert with tremendous experience and knowledge. He is a dedicated professional in every single moment and always full with positive energy, passion and confidence. Working in his team and having him as a mentor and teacher has truly changed my mindset and further enhanced my skills.   



Armin Lutz 

Area Manager  

William, thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge over the past weeks. I learned a lot in regards to communication skills as well as managing skills. Great to have had you here. Armin 


Ben Tawiah 

Digital Specialist at B.T Innovation & Technology 

I highly recommend Will. He has helped me learn and develop skills that I never thought I had. He is positive, optimistic and result oriented. I always acquire in-depth knowledge and he shares practical experience I can relate to. 


Simon Futcher 


William was excellent at motivating us to push harder and achieve more in our office. I learnt a lot of new things from him that I shall not just use in the office but in my own personal life. 


Alex Knott 

Key Relationship Manager,  

Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and a mentor but William is that man. Working with William was pure pleasure and from him I learnt all that I know about sales and he was extremely understand and patient with me, even on the occasions when I did not live up to his expectations. William hired me into the Basel office, taking me with him when he was made Managing Partner in the Zurich office where he took over a culture of underperformance team and turned into an outstanding, performing team. William is one the greatest motivators I have known and he is the “go to person” when conflicts arise. He looks out for his team and is constantly looking at ways of improving and developing not just himself but others around him. He has built a reputation as someone who has a broad vision and is able to see the bigger picture and it is this vision that will take a company places.



Joel Murray MFinPlan 

William is a master of communication and a consummate professional. Listening to & learning from William enabled me to grow my business, improve my communication skills and increase my level of professionalism. It has been an invaluable experience. I highly recommend William to anyone who seeks to improve their communication and professionalism skills. 


Sebastian Deditius 

Highly recognised Relationship Manager  

I met William during a sales seminar in Southern China. The seminar was very interesting and focused on communication within the sales process. Both William himself and his success speak for his approach are right. I'd like to thank you for sharing your ideas. Being myself passionate about the communication process I can recommend William for his knowledge and experience in that matter.  


William Larson 

Chief Executive Officer at JWL Solutions LLC 

Thank you William for sharing your wisdom and many talents with us. You have my sincere gratitude and appreciation for your guidance. I recommend his seminars to all. He has the true heart of a teacher that resonates at a high level of consciousness because it is one that is formed out of experience. 



Ralph Woodcock 

Wealth Protection Specialist | Private Equity & Venture Capital 

William's method and focus on the word Awareness was firstclass and with his experience I found invaluable. Meeting William has absolutely given me a completely different understanding of the environment around me and the clients and colleagues that I work with. Thank you William. 



Kevin D. Monaghan

Founder/Director at Intuitive Compensation Group

William has a deep understanding of his profession, a passion for helping others develop themselves, and listening to him speak about "Communication" is very inspiring. I'm glad I've met William and would highly recommend him, as he's helped inspire me.



Mark Pritchard

I have learned so much this week, thanks to William. William highlighted the importance of constantly improving your communication and awareness skills. I know for sure that I will be from now on, to help me achieve my personal goals in life.



Angela Henriques, MSc, ACSI 

Senior Advisor at Holborn Assets LLC 

I met William when he came to help us in our office in Prague and i must say that he is a passionate person. Not so often we are able to find people who dedicate is time to help you improve and has the capacity to understand people. For me he is one of the most inspiring person that you could work, not only because he has the experience and the knowledge to help you but also because he has the capacity of understanding how to make you take the best of your capacities and that is something essential for a leader.  


Gift Kapande 


Most mentors and motivational speakers will tell you what to do with little mind paid on how you ought to do it. William's ability to teach people how to do what is expected of them is unparalleled. A session with William will leave you thinking about your responsibility towards yourself, your beliefs, work and family. He creates awareness of what power you have in your abilities. Simply put William is a game-changer.  



Peter Challenger 

Managing Director at Magnitude Wealth 

William is an extremely passionate individual committed to continual personal development. Having spent just one week with myself and the team, he has left behind what I am sure will be a long lasting benefit to everybody - a desire to become more than we are today. William is an extremely effective communicator, both in group and individual situations and he is willing to share his knowledge and experience in order to allow others to improve themselves, not just in a work environment but in every aspect of life. A truly professional individual. 



Mutinta M. Lunda, CDFA 

Chief Officer - Power Contracts  

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like William. William expertly filled the role of Interim Manager for deVere Group Zambia at a time when it was needed. I was amazed by his ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas, even people who were initially on completely different pages. Oh, and meetings were never without laughter. What a good way to keep people awake. As a Manager, William earns my highest recommendation.



Julian Visser 

Area Manager  

Working with William over the last 2 weeks has been an all inspiring, highly motivating and overall eye-opening experience. This outflow of knowledge, experience and AWARENESS has taught me how to effectively communicate not only to my clients but utilise this in my personal and working career. This level of training and knowledge imparted by William has greatly impacted my career. Thanks, Will.  


Mbamwabi Chilembo 

Business Strategy | Financial Services | 

Working with William has been invaluable. He is a skilled professional with valued years of experience. After working with William for a while, I have been left truly inspired that reaching your full potential is very possible and that you are in full control of it. 



Maureen Nabulyato 

Area Manager  

William is a great Interim Manager, he impacted my life in such a positive manner as he took our deVere Lusaka office through a transition period into new management. I learnt a great deal from him in such a short period of time, he taught me the importance of Communication Skills, having a positive approach to life and also being passionate about what we do. I will not only apply William's lessons in my work life but also in my personal life. I am definitely a better Wealth Consultant after the lessons i have learnt from him. 



Bonde Sikutwa 


It is rare that you come across standout talent like Williams, keywords from my interactions with William is Confidence and Belief. " A giraffe doesn't need the affirmation of the things on the ground because they can't see the level of his vision, they have a different perspective". That being said, I was in awe in Williams ability to allow me to think and see things from a whole new perspective in both my personal and work life. Giving me the courage, confidence and belief in myself. Accepting good change without doubt and the need for affirmation from anyone else.  



Lerato Siame 

Director at Check It Out Ltd 

I am grateful to have been able to learn so much from William right at the beginning of my deVere Group experience. William helped make me aware of the importance of communication as a skill and the importance of developing it which we often take for granted. "You don't know what you don't know", with this one soundbite, William helped instil a perpetual hunger for knowledge, not only in the professional sphere, which is so vital in our industry, but also generally in life. "Give a man a fish and he'll eat once, teach him how to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime." William's conceptual approach to training will have left most, if not all of us, in a position to fish for the rest of our lives!   


Shawn Albert Bowa 

Global Life Insurance Consultant 

 One of the most valuable asset in Investment advice, UK Pensions and Financial Planning, William Offen if may put it that way. A man of great experience and the highest point of capability. Able to change one's low self-esteem, low confidence and build a character that is outstanding and exemplary. Before I heard William speak, I thought I was, now I know I am capable of anything and everything task-wise, career-wise, socially in all aspects of my life per se. Spend a day with him and see how you will be able to unleash your greatest potential. Thank you for the AWARENESS, William.



Maboshe Maboshe 

Financial Advisor 

Why i "hate" motivational books. Its quite common to walk over to a book shop and find a tonne of motivational books. Its like the material has been the same from the beginning and its just the authors that keep changing. One thing i think works against all these books is how they will just tell you about goals, looking at them everyday, acting upon them daily and all that staff. I feel up to now no truly motivational book has been written and the reason is simple, what it takes to motivate someone cant be written but acted out and taught. And that's where William comes in! The past few sessions with him have been phenomenal! The wealth of knowledge i have picked up in the sessions is way beyond books, videos and speeches. He is definitely different in that whilst a book can get one hyped, his experience and principles will get one on the way to success. I have greatly appreciated all his lessons and though it was at a time i wasn't well i tried every time to attend his training because he is more than worth it. Am glad to have met an individual like him and will forever cherish the lessons learnt as it can be applied in a thousand and one ways. I hope we cross paths again, maybe you can actually write that motivational book that am waiting for. Its been a great privilege and honour. God bless you 


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