At last.

The sales strategies you need to totally obliterate your sales problems.


(Even those you don’t know you have!)

Have you heard the myth?

Some say sales is a specialist skill, best left to so-called ‘experts’!


"You have to hire someone to do it for you", they say.

Well, I've got news for you!

Even if you're not personally involved in the selling process of your business, you simply can't afford to entirely distance yourself and leave it to others.

You need to know what your prospective customers are experiencing and the real impact your sales processes have on your entire business.

You need to be equipped with the communication skills of sales and sales leadership.

Making Sales Work - For Everyone! 


There’s no doubt that selling is a most vital business fundamental. There's also no doubt it's the cause of an overriding number of business problems!

An enormous percentage of sales are low value sales, and I'm not just talking about revenues! Low Value selling creates major problems; unhappy customers, high levels of complaints, fulfilment issues, extra costs and low income, and leaves us chasing our tails solving those problems every day.

Real Value Selling, however, creates high value, satisfied customers that praise our business, recommend us to their friends, family and contacts, and happily produce profitable, on-time payments.

Making Sales 

Work - 

For Everyone! 

There’s no doubt that selling is a most vital business fundamental. There's also no doubt it's the cause of most business problems!

The vast majority of sales are low value sales, and I'm not talking about money! Low Value selling creates major problems; unhappy customers, high levels of complaints, fulfilment issues, extra costs and low income, and leave us chasing our tails, solving those problems every day.

Real Value Selling, however, creates high value, satisfied customers that praise our business, recommend us to their contacts, and happily produce profitable payment.

The astounding effects of incorporating these proven sales strategies

Zero Customer Complaints

Providing a high-quality customer sales experience reduces misinterpretations, misunderstandings and consequential disputes.

Higher Sales Revenue

My proven strategies create higher, more profitable sales revenues for a stronger bottom line.

Improved Brand Reputation

Attracting and securing the right audience means massively improved brand loyalty, customer referrals and continued growth and business stability.

Interdepartmental Harmony

Learn the best strategies to create high value customers, removing the stress of complaints and arguments and increase mutuality throughout the entire organisation. 


Real Value Sales Strategies

The Online Training & Coaching program

This personal, intuitive, Proven Strategy, featuring ComFluence®️ will help you build a stronger, more successful set of sales strategies, leading to a happy and more efficient business within four to twelve weeks of implementation.

Hi, my name is Will Offen.

I’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, large and small across 4 continents, and believe me, I know the sales problems they suffer. Problems that can be terminal for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. With my 40+ years of international sales leadership experience, I have designed this program to take you from low sales, high cost and overwhelm, to equipping you with the exact knowledge and inspiration you need to overcome the 'famine and feast, payment chasing & complaining customer syndromes, once and for all, removing sales-y, pushy and other outdated, traditional selling techniques.


Sales Impact Program


What you'll get:

  • 4 X 90 minute coaching sessions to identify the impact of your current sales strategies on your business, changes needed, and how to move towards higher volume and improved quality sales.
  • Introduces the power of 'REAL VALUE' Sales Strategies and the benefits you will gain.
  • By the end of the Sales Impact Program you will gain much greater sales clarity and start to see real improvements.  
I want this!

Breakthrough Program


What you'll get:

  • 8 X 90 minute sessions, incorporating and building on the Sales Impact Program to integrate REAL VALUE SALES strategies.
  • Develop and monitor system measurements to create ongoing controls and deep level improvements.
  • Strengthen understanding and application. 


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Consolidation Program


What you'll get:

  • 12 X 90 minute sessions incorporating and building on the Sales Impact and Breakthrough Programs.
  • Consolidation is designed to integrate 'REAL VALUE' Sales Strategies as the default strategy in your organisation.
  • Following completion of your 'Consolidation' coaching program, you will have the tools you need to attract, and keep, the customers you need; 'REAL VALUE' customers! 
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The end result?

When you apply these strategies and follow the step by step guide I've developed, you will spend less time dealing with customer complaints, significantly increase your sales revenue, improve your brand reputation and have less disruption in your daily operation. You will also have happier staff and maintain high level co-operation in your teams.

Stuart Hill

Financial Consultant

It has been a great pleasure to receive the benefit of Will's knowledge and experience whilst he is in Frankfurt. Will is a very effective coach and communicator and gets his message across in a clear and concise manner, as well as reinforcing the key concept that the more effort you put in the more you get out. I have found many of the techniques and tools that Will showed us to be of huge benefit to me and am already seeing a significant positive impact in my performance. I would advise anyone to take up the first opportunity available to benefit from Will's coaching and development.

Juliet Kapena

Senior Financial Advisor at IIMG ltd

Thank you so much for taking time out to share your wealth or Experience, knowledge and skills with us here in Accra, Ghana. It was an absolute pleasure to have been tutored by you. My sales and communication skills have greatly improved. You were highly responsive and detail oriented. You have been an invaluable asset in our efforts/improvements here at our offices in Ghana and I will confidently recommend your services to anyone or organization in need of training and development in these areas.

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Meet Will Offen


Will Offen is a Sales Leadership Development Specialist with 40+ years of international experience.

He coaches and trains operators of Small & Medium size businesses for best results in Sales Volume, Quality & Customer Satisfaction. His training and coaching programs have been seen by 1000’s worldwide and he has personally coached business improvement strategies in corporations and businesses in more than 50 cities and countries across the globe including Asia, Africa, the USA, and Europe.

His passionate belief is that Maximum Sales Success for every business relies overwhelmingly on achieving WIN-WIN sales results.  

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There’s much more to selling than simply making sales. It’s about creating a great client experience and developing trust and respect for the business and its mission. It’s about producing a win-win result for the customer and your business.


Want some good news?

The key to Real Value Selling is a simple change in approach and the development of some basic skills most of us already possess.


How about some great news?

You can get the key and the skills, right here, online, today! My, one2one coaching programs dig deep into your current sales strategies, identify the improvements you need and show you how to implement business and life changing solutions. I'm betting you will be really surprised how simple it can be, even if you're not a natural sales operator or leader.

Find out what's really happening with your sales and what we can do to make your business grow. Talk to me, online today.

Book your free discovery call and take the first step on your journey to Real Value Selling and a more structured, successful business .

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Some of what you will experience with my coaching programs

  • Immediate upturn and substantive change over three months
  • Business leaders will understand the impact of sales, not only on direct revenue but also on stability, growth, and long term success.
  • Non-sales business leaders i.e those that don’t consider sales to be in their skills set will learn the art of selling without being sales-y and this will immediately increase their bottom line.
  • Experienced sales leaders will discover highly beneficial sales awareness and skills.
  • You will become aware of the damage caused by low quality sales techniques so you can stop spending  a great deal of time and money reacting to the impact throughout the supply chain.
  • Expensive departments will learn to stop restricting growth and longevity as their reputations will no longer be severely  challenged or even destroyed.
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What Others Say...

“Our future success will mainly be thanks to you!”


I am just out of an intensive 4 days consultancy session with Will, and I must say I am still in awe of what he has been able to teach my partners and I in such a short span of time. He came to our business, and right away knew exactly what needed improving. He managed to explain it to us in such a simple way, with real life examples and nice metaphors. He answered all our real life business questions, gave us processes to overcome them and helped guide us with personal development techniques. Finally, he designed with us an action plan, with step-by-step directions. We will never thank you enough Will for helping us grow our business. Our future success will mainly be thanks to you.


~Salwa Lhachimi
Directrice Associee, BOXCOM

"It was the most powerful learning we ever had".


"Our sales staff had intensive and short training with William, it was the most powerful learning we ever had. He found very quickly our strengths and weaknesses, we worked on building a strong short and long term action plan to improve our business income. He motivated us and gave us tips on sales, management, and communication".


~Imana Adnane

Directrice développement et relations publiques BOX COM 

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